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Calibrated Preloaded Assemblies (CPA) are designed to replace conventional high strength friction grip bolts and rivets, which can be used on almost any steel construction connection.


The grade 10.9 high tensile strength bolt is identified by the round head and unique shape spline able to undergo significant deformation before rupture.

A lightweight electric shear wrench can easily install the bolt with correct tension and remove the spline at the same time, reducing the time it takes to install and the risk of human error by visual inspection. 


CPA bolting assemblies cover a range of sizes from M12 to M36. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 14399-10:2018 and 

‘CE’ Marked in accordance with 

BS EN 14399-1:2015.

All CPA assemblies are hot dipped galvanized to BS EN ISO 10684:2004.




Technical information for the BS EN 14399-10:2018 Pre-Load Assembly


Detailed video & diagrammatic guide for correct product installation

Complete chart listing for grip ranges M12 to M36


All CPA documentation references including the 14399-1 CE Standard

Complete packaging specification and M12 to M36 box count chart

Details on the CPA wrench, tension tester and tool sale or hire

  • Continual sustained tension

  • All CPA assemblies are hot dipped galvanized
    to BS EN ISO 10684:2004. 


  • Superior steel quality with higher pre-load for reduced diameter bolts

  • Easy identifiable installation

  • Resistant to vibration

  • Fast, safe, individual installation

  • ​CPA shear wrench is highly durable with less maintenance 

  • One tool covers a wide range of bolt diameters

  • CPA wrenches are non-impacting with no risk of hand or arm vibration

  • Shorter installation time with less operator fatigue

  • CPA Electric shear wrench does not require a compressor for safer handling

  • Reduced operation noise level

  • CPA wrenches are lightweight
    without the requirement of heavy calibrated torque tools



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